Friday, September 27, 2013

Sabrina's sofa table

I've been learning a lot in the last year in reference to furniture and paints and such. For example, just yesterday Marinette taught me the difference between a buffet and a sideboard. I also learned that what looks like one piece of solid cut tree might not be. It could be several pieces glued together...who knew?!?

Today I'm gonna tell you about what I've learned about paints, color in particular. 

Sabrina has this sofa table she uses on a wall that is pretty much bare... Just this wood sofa table she bought at a steal and some family portraits hanging above it.

(These photos were taken by me before I got busy working on it.)

It's a beautiful table with details to die for....did you see those legs?? Even in its original state it's a pretty table. But, like most of us women, Sabrina needed color!

I asked if I could take a sample of her inspiration color, which was a table runner made from this material

She wants the blue color for a pop of color in her living room.
Easy enough, right?
(Insert laugh out loud here)

I took the fabric to Lowe's so they could mix me up some paint this exact color. They use a machine that basically takes a picture of your sample and finds a matching color to mix. The guy was great. He mixed it up and dried the sample to show me and we compared it to the fabric.... But I knew...... Man...I just knew. It was actually too green for what Sabrina wanted. Under those fluorescent lights at Lowe's it was a perfect match! I like to take it outside, though, and see how it looks in natural light. MORE GREEN!! No, no, no, no, no!

So what do you do?? You text your client and say can you meet me at Lowe's in the morning because I'm not putting an inch of paint on this piece until you pick out a color that we both are certain you will like! I explained my dilemma to her and luckily for me she was calm about it!

At first glance this color really doesn't appear to have green in it though...the "blue" in that fabric. But when compared to color swatches that are seriously blue it really does have lots of green.

The white paper with the splotch of color on it is what the computer generated as a matching color.

So the moral of this story is that the color we have in our head doesn't always play out right in front of us! Luckily I already had a feel for the color Sabrina was looking for and I knew sage green was not in that picture! Here's what she picked out.

Yes, the lighting is a mess get the idea though!

This is the table after one coat of her color in a chalk paint mix.

And then the finished product, which is lightly distressed like she asked for, then waxed to seal the paint. The finished table:

And the table set up in her is beautiful!!

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