Sunday, July 21, 2013

My ironstone old lady!

Oh how I love you so!! I loved you from first sight!!

Have you ever fell in love with a piece of furniture even though it was obvious it needed a lot of love?? That's how I felt about this china cabinet.  This old lady was missing a drawer, some of her veneer was missing, she was just cosmetically not perfect. Her frame was solid, though.  Like she'd worked out her whole life. I was sooo happy my picker said she would be mine!!

What color? What color should my old lady be??  That's always a tough question to ask when you're in the business of refurbishing furniture to resell. What color will appeal to the most people? What color will match more decor? I'm always pulling my hair out on this one!!

Miss Mustard Seed Ironstone.  That's my choice and I'm sticking to it.  I honestly did post the china cabinet on our Facebook page called Vintage Soul, but no one offered any suggestions. So Ironstone it is.

Naturally the repairs come first... sometimes I wonder if I will ever find furniture that doesn't need repairs?? My roommate Heather does most of the repairs for me. She's getting pretty good at it, too!

The repairs are done and the old lady is ready for me!
I love painting!

I ended up putting three coats of paint on her. This is the part that I'm seriously impatient with.  The end result is always my favorite part.  Not that I don't like the work involved.  The work we do is what makes me appreciate the end result so much. The thing is it's rare that I paint a piece that doesn't get some sort of special technique. Usually it's some form of distressing. When you have to use more than one coat of paint you have to wait on each coat to completely dry before you can keep going. I've literally been so excited with this piece that I have just sat there chin in hand waiting... just waiting on her new coat to dry.

And now to make her even more beautiful with some natural looking aging. That's the cool thing about milk paint. It tells you where you can distress, not the other way around. 

Heather added a shelf to the area where the missing drawer once was. I've painted it with matching milk paint, added a knob to the door and she's finished!!

The cubby would be perfect for decorative bakeware or even some pretty baskets! 

All she needs now is a new home!

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