Sunday, July 21, 2013


When I'm not searching for something on Google I'm searching on Pinterest! Everybody likes Pinterest, right??!

I've found some GREAT ideas on there, seriously. Here's some things I've tried that I think were successful!

This turned out awesome!! It is a Crown Royal bottle painted and decorated with some trinkets. I found the perfect trinkets at Walmart!

This pin was one in a million. When I saw it I knew I wanted to try it!! I heart this chair!!

I had recently purchased some doilies off eBay when I remembered seeing this painted canvas on Pinterest (on there it's grey, though). The lot of doilies were all different shapes and sizes...not all were suitable for framing. So I pulled up the pin and got my red spray paint! I kinda like it ;)

While having my usual morning cup of coffee I (as usual) was pinteresting around and came across a pin of some nautical items. This was before July 4th so I believe I had actually searched "nautical". There were some really cute glass bottles on a deck near water with this jute all over the bottle. What this is called I honestly can't remember right now...but I've seen it a lot on transparent covered glass balls hanging for decoration. I grabbed an old wine bottle I had picked up at an estate sale. I hang my price tags with jute so I pulled it out and followed the directions. i have to tell you the beginning and end of the process were a little tricky! But it turned out beautiful! I will DEFINITELY be using this pin again!

Every year in Georgia there's a massive yard sale spree that spans from middle Georgia all the way to the coast in Brunswick. I went for the first time this year and found this cute coffee table! It needed a little TLC but I'm no stranger to that... I'd seen this technique on Pinterest and wanted to try it. Essentially all it requires is lace and spray paint! To begin with I didn't paint the legs, I left them their original dark color. It sat at the store for probably two months with little interest. So I decided (as we sometimes have to do) to add a cream color to the legs. When I did that it really set the top apart from the dark color of the legs and sold almost immediately! It's amazing what a little paint can do for a piece!

And now for the not-so-hot moments from Pinterest. I'd seen a BEAUTIFUL end table made from part of a tree on Pinterest and decoded I'd search around and try it. A guy dropped off several pieces of a tree that had fallen. So I started chipping away the bark.

Ewww...gross. These little bugs with little pincher like things kept crawling everywhere! TERMITES!!! Yikes! I had to get that mess outta there before they tear up my house! Did you just get a mental image of the house being a big buzz if dist and falling to nothing like I did??

The moral of this story is to number one: get a piece of wood you know isn't ate up with termites. Number two: expect to do a lot of hard work!! The bark was HARD to get off and that sucker was HEAVY!!!

I see all these pins on Pinterest about painting jars and bottles. This one lady swears by painting the inside of bottles with paint and they looked so pretty. Best I can remember it said to mix the paint with a little water and coat the inside completely. I honestly don't remember now if it said latex or acrylic but I'm sure it must have been latex because that's what I used. I have plenty of acrylics, also, so I would have used that had it called for it.

I found some pretty bottles and did my thing. They look good about an hour or so later, right?

Here are those same bottles a day or two later. That's a hot mess right there!

Pinterest FAIL!

What successes or failures have you had with Pinterest? Please share them!

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  1. Just by chance happened upon your blog as I was looking for the value of my Aunt's Ebert china cabinet. I just gotta tell ya I love how that coffee table top turned out! It's beautiful and unlike any I've ever seen. I do think I personally liked the photo with the darker legs though just because the detail in the carving seemed more visible. I'm surprised it didn't sell until you painted them.