Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Picker's Barn

I'd like to tell you a little about myself...

My name is Missi.  It's not my birth name, but a nickname my parents gave me at birth. Of course back in 1974 they spelled it "Missie". I grew older and changed it to Missy, then even older and yet again to Missi. It's my nickname, I can spell it how I want, right?!? 

I promised myself never to name my child a nickname. When people see my business cards they ask which one is really my name! My nickname came from my middle name so it's way too confusing. My child would be called his first name. Period. Besides, I feel kind of silly at times being almost 40 years old and being called Missi. It's a hard habit to break, changing the name you want to be called at such an age. 

I finally did have a child at 37. He's a sport! He's my blond haired, green eyed rascal. And yes, I stuck by my lifelong promise to myself and named him so that the name I wanted to call him is his first name!! His name is Kellan. 

I started refinishing furniture about a year ago. I was moving into a smaller place and needed different furniture to suit the new place. It began with a redo on a china cabinet/hutch. When I saw the paint bubble up after I put that paint stripper on I was hooked! 

So I talked to a lady at a local store called Yesterday's Furniture in historic downtown Vidalia. I paid my rent and started filling up my "booth" with things I had to get rid of from home. And so it went... 

I called that space "ReDecor". My roommate hated the name, but I loved it! It was a name that to me symbolized the change that comes along in life as it pertains to redecorating our homes. Whether its simply replacing one piece of furniture with another or completely overhauling another. 

About 7 months later the opportunity came about for me to increase my space with a partnership with another lady I'd recently met and became friends with. Our tastes in things were similar and it just seemed cohesive. So between Stephanie and her husband and my roommate and I we are constantly on the lookout for new pieces for our space called Vintage Soul. It's still at Yesterday's Furniture, it's just a massive space rather than the 8 x 10' space I was in before. 

Stephanie and I spent a lot of late nights and early mornings (and everywhere in between!) coming up with the perfect name! I absolutely ADORE the name "Vintage Soul". It's catchy and even better, it's memorable!

I've been wanting to blog for YEARS!!! I love telling stories in my own words and having people read them. So about two weeks ago I began my first blog. You can find it at  I changed to the current site because weebly just hasn't been that reliable for me personally. No offense to them... It just wasn't working out between us! (It's me, not you kind of thing)

I wasn't crazy about the name of my blog, transitional nest, but I simply couldn't think of anything better at the time. I wanted something that meant transformation of my furniture, which is used mostly in the home (nest). It just never set well with me, you know?

So here I am on a new blog, with a new name. Story of my life, right? Haha! How fitting is that?? I actually love "the Picker's Barn", too. I have a wonderful picker (the person who makes it his business to find things for me to resell). And he even really does have a barn that he keeps my furniture in until I get it! 

I'm coming up with a logo for "the Picker's Barn now. I have a pretty good idea of how I want it to look, I just need to find the right photo. However, i spend a lot of my time working my full time job, raising a two year old, and a lot of late nights and early mornings or days off working on furniture. (Kellan and the furniture are my passions!). So hopefully I can make time for the logo pretty soon. 

If I ever have a store of my own (and TRUST me when I tell you that's the finally own my own store and spend my time doing what I love) I am going to call it "the Picker's Barn". It will be awesome. I'm claiming that right now!!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy my posts here in my blog. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated so please give me feedback!

Tonight I'm gonna leave you with this:

"One man's junk is another man'a treasure" keep it in mind when you're out and about!  Try to look beyond the surface and always think outside the box!!

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