Saturday, July 27, 2013

Simple makeover tile table

Who hasn't bought a piece of furniture a million moons ago because it seemed to work for the space in that moment? I may be the worlds worst! I have to say I've gotten better. I won't buy something if its "ok" in the space. It has to be perfect. And sometimes there's more than one perfect. 

I bought this table forever ago and it was passed around from one to another. It ended up back with me. Since I now have a space to sell my furniture and collectibles I decided to refurb this and sell it in our shop (it's called Vintage Soul).  

As usual, I forgot the stinking before picture, but I think you can get the idea. 

Just a simple wood table with tile inlays. With all my furniture I do a damp wipe down (just an old rag dampened barely) to get the dust off. I make sure to clean it up with the damp rag too... You know, with this old furniture there's always some kind of gunk somewhere...
Let your piece sit for a few minutes to make sure it's dry. Then I painted!

I used two coats of a chalk paint I mixed up. Best I remember I mixed ultra white Valspar  with cream in my coffee, which is Valspar as well. If you like a creamy color then definitely check out cream in my coffee! I will have a blog coming later that features that color. 
I'm also working on a post talking about paints and such. Not that everybody else hasn't already, just wanna put it all in my perspective. 

So the table is distressed and all cute now. Sorry, I didn't get the pic of the distressing either! I was slacking bad. Really all I did with it though was take some medium grit sand paper and work on the edges of where is painted. 

When I'm distressing furniture I imagine where the piece would get scuffed naturally and sand those areas the most, and lightly sand other areas just for looks. 

The table sold fairly quick, it was an easy redo, and I'm satisfied with that! Turns out it was pretty cute and had I needed a small breakfast table I would have out it to use myself ;)

Enjoy your day! Me and Kellan and Monkey (that's what he calls my roommate hehe!) are on a little trip today. Just my luck, it's sunny and the beach is nowhere in sight. This is where I let out a big sigh and sign off......

Smiles :)

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