Sunday, July 28, 2013

The old home place

I wanted to share a story about the picture I use for The Picker's Barn.  

First, let me reiterate from a previous post... A great name is so hard to come up with! I eventually settled on The Picker's Barn (and I think it's quite catchy!) because for a few months now I've had a "picker" who buys furniture for me to resell. I don't remember how the words picker and barn came about to fit together but they absolutely did and it was perfect since my picker also keeps our stuff in his barn.

I thought to myself that i could get a picture of his barn, but I didn't think it would give the exact antique look I was going for. My second thought was to download pictures of barns (and I actually did, but obviously decided against it). My third thought was that I would go take pictures of a barn and use that. Who am I kidding??? I barely have time for all the stuff I don't have time to do now!

Then I remembered that I had taken pictures of this place about 4 or 5 years ago. And I knew it was perfect.  Although, its not a barn at all...... It's actually my maternal grandparents' old home place. It was located just outside of Douglas, Ga. My mama is the youngest of five children who grew up there. 

I'm 39 years old and when I was born this is the home that I came to! Nearly forty years later I'm sure it looks much different. I can imagine it in its original state, though. 

Except for the modern lawn mower I love this picture. It reminds me of the Dukes of Hazzard with that car hood :) I do realize the General Lee was orange, haha! But it still makes me think of the "Good Ole Boys" Waylon used to sing about.

I love the color of weathered and aged wood here. And look at that fireplace! It was built to last. You just don't see things made to last forever anymore.

Sadly, the house burned sometime within the last five years. I'm not sure to what extent. I keep telling myself I will make the trip to go check it out. 

I wish that I could remember this house from my childhood, these are the memories I would love to tell my son as he grows. I've got these pictures, though. That will have to be enough I suppose. 

One thing I will never forget or be ashamed of is where I came from. It's places and memories like these that make me the person I am today. Without the old, there is nothing new.  This is also my decorating style.  There's nothing I like more than a transitional space where the old and new are cohesive in the same room. Maybe it's because it fits me to a tee. 

This blog post is dedicated to my grandparents, Pete (who died before I was ever thought of) and Ella Adams because without them I may not have had this piece of history to share!

Now it's bedtime and I wish you well ;) 
Hopefully if nothing else I've inspired you to look into your past and find just where it is you came from. When you find it out please share it with me!

Goodnight ;)

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