Monday, July 29, 2013


I wish I'd kept my photos of previous projects more organized. They're impossible to find now. Major note to self: start organizing photos right away. If you are doing projects, too (no matter the kind) go ahead and start keeping a photo journal as well. It will be helpful in the future!

Now I just gotta figure out the best way to journalize my photos so I can keep up with them. I take lots of pictures with my iPhones and iPads but I change devices more often than not and all the pictures don't always transfer over!

So, anyway.... Here's a couple pieces I've previously worked on but can't find all the photos that show all my hard work ;)

This is a waterfall vanity I painted with chalk paint and glossy acrylic to bring out some accents. We made a seat of wood and padded it and covered it in a cute fabric from Hobby Lobby. I made sure the seat was removable in case the buyer wanted to use it as a desk or vanity. 

An old trunk got a makeover with some white chalk paint and a paisley stamp in neutral acrylic colors! This is something anyone can do!

How about this updated child's glider? It had an ugly ugly (and smelly!) green cushion on it. I had someone sew a new cover over new cushions for me. And then I realized I can actually sew on a machine ;)

You can always update something with a little paint. Take these two whatnots for example. The frog was painted the standard green with a light belly. The fish was that iridescent pearly color. I coated them several times with nothing but flat white spray paint and they are super cute now!

This is one of my FAVE half moon tables. The blue is what I call "peacock blue" and the top is stained in "Kona" it's such a pretty dark stain for wood!

My lesson has been learned!! I'm off to search for effective ways to keep a photo journal! See you on Google and Pinterest!

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