Friday, July 26, 2013

Pop of lime!

I had a client who was working on remodeling her salon in Hazelhurst, Ga.  When I got there the walls were white or grey, I can't remember for sure... The workstations were grey, the floor was that outdated white and black tile. Lets just say it was all just outdated.  I should have taken before pics! One thing I've learned is that with every project I learn something new.

She had been on a shopping spree of sorts. I think she hit the yard sales and flea markets, and every vintage store in between. I'm so jealous, though, because she found some great stuff!! 

One piece I painted for her was this already beautiful china cabinet. 

There was nothing wrong with, except it was just too blah for what she had in mind for her shop. 

This fabric for her curtains was the inspiration for the entire salon.

Love it!!

The walls were being painted that turquoise-ish color of the birds. 

I painted four vanities for her workstations in a distressed white chalk paint. She mentioned that she wanted the china cabinet painted white also. She pretty much told me over and over she didn't want black furniture... But it just made sense! It's a relatively small salon and we already had all those white vanities. So I made my suggestion and she agreed. 

Let me tell you that when she picked up her new "product" cabinet she was SO excited!!! It's so pretty!! I have to agree ;) how about you?

I have to toot my own horn a bit... I matched the lime paint with the curtain from memory! I was so impressed with myself!

That pop of lime makes this cabinet!! 

Don't be afraid to get a little bold with your furniture. I usually am not a fan of these bright colors on furniture. I do, however, feel that a pop of color here and there adds some interest ;)

Like this little table I painted to match...


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  1. FOUND you all really love it all!!!So talented!!!Pam Adams!!!